Future of Migration & Development

13:30 - 17:00 | Migratie Museum Den Haag

Migration has become a hot topic in European societies. In the political and societal debate, migration and development cooperation are often associated and linked to each other. To suggest alternative perspectives and to propose more constructive narratives on the topic, Partos and OneWorld invited changemakers, NGOs, researchers, journalists, thinkers and artists from all over the world, to submit their innovative and creative ideas concerning the Future of Migration.

Based on a number of selected submissions, Partos and OneWorld are organising, together with FEPS, FMS and Cordaid, a special event on The Future of Migration & Development.

This event is aimed at Partos’ member organisations and enriched by the contributions of stakeholders from diverse backgrounds. It is meant to share knowledge, inspire and elaborate new possible directions on migration and development cooperation. Partos member or not, if you are interested, you can register through here. Join us to create cross-sectoral connections and contribute to this conversation. 


13:30 hrs | Walk-in, meet & greet. 

14:00 hrs | Welcome by moderator Bahram Sadeghi, introduction by Bart Romijn (Partos) & Seada Nourhussen (OneWorld), Creative contributions from Anais LopezZuleika Sheik and Olave Nduwanje

14:30 hrs | Plenary penal with Bikash Chowdhury BaruaTon DietzBob van Dillen and Milka Yemane on the future of migration and development cooperation. How can NGOs act and anticipate on this topic and how to work constructively with stakeholders like diasporas and networks of migrants?

14:55 hrs | Creative contribution by PositiveNegative.

15:00 hrs | Pitches about the themes of the 5 dialogue tables: Framing of Migration, Migrants in the lead, Circular migration and Legal Pathways, Hosting refugees in the region and Youth employment.

15:10 hrs | Break

15:25 hrs | Conversations in 5 dialogue tables

  1. Framing of migration | Josje van de Grift and Ernst Jan Stroes (Wilde Ganzen), Nathalie Vandenabeele and Alseny Sacko (Amoukanama), Seada Nourhussen (OneWorld) | Which stories, narratives and language do we want and need to use in our work and in our communication about migration & development? 
  2. Migrants in the lead | Anila Noor, Qader Shafiq (Bureau Wijland), Wouter van Dis (Oxfam Novib) | Migrants want to take the lead in discussions and solutions. How can we work constructively together?
  3. Circular migration and Legal pathways Max Koffi, Arjen Berkvens and Anne van der Meer (FEPS in cooperation with FMS) | How can we ensure more circular migration and let it become safer and more humane? 
  4. Hosting refugees in the region | Özge Bilgili, Bob van Dillen (Cordaid) | What can we learn from experiences in Rwanda, Curacao and Bonaire regarding hosting refugees in the region?  
  5. Youth employment & migration Sarah Casteran (Mercy Corps), Anne Dankert (CNV on behalf of Civic Engagement Alliance) | Youth employment is often surrounded by diverse assumptions. We explore the relationship between investments, aid, youth employment and migration.

16:25 hrs | Exploring & reflecting on the outcomes of the 5 dialogue tables. Where do we see possible solutions to the underlying challenges and what collaborations are needed? 

16:45 hrs | Wrap up by Bart Romijn: How to continue? Creative contribution by Amoukanama
17:00 hrs | Closure & drinks