Armenian Prime Minister resigns, reasons yet unclear

On 3 April the Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sarkisian announced that he will resign. Why he took this unexpected decision is not yet clear. Sarkisian was six years in office. The ruling Republican Party of Armenia (HHK) said that Sarkisian announced his resignation at a meeting of its governing body chaired by President Serzh Sarkisian (no relation). Under the Armenian constitution, all government ministers must also step down if the prime minister is dismissed or decides to quit.

Leadership Academy in Armenië

Afgelopen weekend organiseerden wij de jaarlijkse Leadership Academy in Armenië. Voor de 5e keer op rij, reisden trainers van de FMS, VVD en CDA naar Armenië om een uitgebreide training te geven aan jongeren uit 7 verschillende partijen, zowel regering als oppositie.

Troubles on the way in implementing Brussels agreement in north Kosovo?

On July 4th, members of Kosovo’s ethnic Serb minority established their own assembly, as a protest against the steps taken by Belgrade which they see as recognition of the government in Pristina. The provisional assembly has not been recognized by Belgrade. Mayor of the Serb municipality Lepasovic, Slavko Stevanovic, has been elected President of the assembly.

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