Belarus' dicatator Lukashenko "wins" Presidential elections

The Central Election Commission (TsVK) of Belarus announced on 11 October that long ruling president Alyaksandr Lukashenko has officially won the Presidential elections for the fifth time with 83.49% of the vote. Despite calls to boycott the election from various oppositionists, the voter turnout was reportedly 86.7%. Lukashenko ran against 3 other candidates: opposition movement leader Tatsyana Karatkevich (Havary Pravdu /Tell the Truth) and pro-government politicians Syarhey Haydukyevich (Liberal Democratic Party) and Mikalay Ulakhovich (Belarusian Patriotic Party). The official results do not come as a surprise, as all of Lukashenko’s re-elections have had similarly high official results in elections that are widely considered rigged.

Movie night: "Age of Delirium", the collapse of the Soviet Union

On 21 September Blinibioscoop and Foundation Max van der Stoel are organising a screening of documentary film "Age of Delirium," which focusses on the fall of the Soviet Union, followed by a panel discussion. The film screening will begin at 15:00, the panel at 17:00, to be followed by the Bliniscoop traditional pancakes. Entrance fee is 5 Euros, and includes pancakes. The working language will be English.

Training voor Wit Russische jongeren

Afgelopen weekend organiseerde de FMS een training voor een oppositie sociaaldemocratische jongerenorganisatie over sociaaldemocratie. De training vond plaats buiten Belarus, omdat het binnen het land niet veilig zou zijn voor de deelnemers om mee te doen aan dergelijke activiteiten.

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