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FMS Talents op werkbezoek naar Den Haag

Op donderdag 19 was het tijd voor de vierde bijeenkomst van het FMS Talent Project. Dit keer gevuld door een werkbezoek aan Den Haag. Met een bezoek aan het ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken, twee afspraken in de Tweede Kamer, de ambassade van Libië en aan het IOM (International Organisation for Migration) hadden we een druk schema. Met het thema 'migratie en de actuele vluchtelingenproblematiek’ gingen wij op bezoek bij deze vier instituties, om de verschillende percepties op het onderwerp te onderzoeken.

Libya peace talks resume amid continued violence

U.N.-sponsored peace negotiations between Libya’s officially recognized government and the rival government were resumed on Thursday 4 June. Politicians and activists negotiated on forming a unity government to end the power struggle between the two rival governments both stressing to be the official government of the country. Mediators fear the power struggle may turn Libya into a failed state when both groups continue to battle for control.

Parliamentary elections in Libya

Marking another step in the transition from the Gaddafi-regime, 1.5 million Libyans will go out and vote for a new 200-seat parliament today 25 June. Libya desperately needs a functioning government to bring the heavily armed former rebels, militias and tribes that helped oust former dictator Muammar Gaddafi under control and to secure the oil ports vital for Libya’s government and public budget. The new parliament, which will be called the House of Representatives, will replace the General National Congress as new legislative assembly.

Libyan parliament attacked by militia

Armed forces stormed the Libyan parliament, the General National Congress (GNC) on 18 May, and demanded its suspension. Officials said the attackers killed two and wounded 55 people, while keeping at least 20 people hostage. The identity of the chaotic attackers was unclear, but loyalists of renegade general Khalifa Hafter claimed responsibility. By attacking the GNC, the gunmen directly challenged the legitimacy of the country’s central government which already struggles to gain authority over the country.

New PM for Libya; country still in deadlock

On 5 May the head of Libya's parliament has confirmed that businessman Ahmed Maiteeq will be the country's new prime minister. Ahmed Maiteeq is Libya's fifth prime minister to be appointed in the past two and a half years. Maiteeq tried hard to win over sceptics by stressing his business credentials and his non-party background.

Prime minister Libya ousted by parliament

Libya’s Prime Minster, Ali Zeidan, was ousted by parliament, the General National Congress, after a vote of no confidence on Tuesday 11 March. Zeidan was blamed for letting an oil tanker, laden with rebel sold oil, escape naval forces. Zeidan will be temporarily replaced by Defence Minister Abdallah al-Thinni.

Libya: towards a new constitution

Libya will elect an assembly on February 20 to draft a constitution intended to advance transition to democracy. The assembly will also attempt to break with the difficulties and political instability the country faces after the overthrow of Gaddafi more than two years ago

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