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A 53-year family rule in Togo: will presidential elections bring change?

Last Saturday, the 22nd of February, presidential elections were held in Togo. Despite many protests, current president Faure Eyadéma was re-elected, continuing the already 53-year rule of the Eyadéma family. Although the run up to the elections was quite chaotic, the election day was relatively calm. However, noticeable was the fact that 500 civil society observers lost their accreditation, as they were accused of interfering in the electoral process. This was in addition to 9000 observers from the Episcopal Council for Justice and Peace who were also not allowed to monitor the votes. The elections served as a good chance to update our knowledge on this country in West-Africa. We were therefore happy to speak with Kwassi Patrick Dadzie, general coordinator of Togo Focus, on the political situation in his country.

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