Aankondiging: Movie-afternoon and Debate, Vladimir Putin’s long shadow

Date: Sunday 19 April 2015
Time: 15:00-18:00 (Doors open at 14:30)
Location: Podium O950, Oostmaaslaan 950 (Rotterdam)

We invite you to a film-screening – “Blinibioscoop” - and debate on Putin’s influence on Russia’s neighbouring states. The FMS will organize this event in cooperation with COVOR.

During this afternoon the documentary ‘Vladimir Putin’s long shadow’, a 2015 CBC News-production, will be shown. The documentary tells the story of Putin’s rise to prominence. It shows Putin’s history, from a former KGB-agent to Russian President, and most notably his methods to achieve various goals. The documentary concludes with Putin’s role and involvement in Russia’s neighbouring countries.

The second part of the afternoon will consist of a panel debate in which we will explore the subject of the documentary further. The panel will include several speakers, who will share their insights on this interesting topic. Among the participants are, Konstantine Surguladze (Ambassador of Georgia to the Netherlands), Kati Piri (Member of the European Parliament, PvdA), Honorata Mazepus (Leiden University) and Tony van der Togt (Clingendael Institute). This panel will be moderated by Kido Koenig.

Afterwards there will be the possibility to discuss the topic further while having some drinks and blini (pancakes).

Entrance: € 5 (Incl. blini afterwards)
You can sign up via : http://tinyurl.com/lt9grsk ( registration is required)

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