Egyptian ESDP members detained for peacefully protesting

The Egyptian Social Democratic Party (ESDP) calls for the immediate release of its members, who were detained by security forces on November 26th for peacefully protesting against the new protest law.

On December 9 the ESDP released the following statement:

Cairo, Egypt

The security forces have detained Hossam Hassan, a member of the supreme council of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party (ESDP), since the 26th of November for peacefully protesting against the protest law in Assyut. The security forces issued arrest warrants against another six members, including a girl, for the same reason; some of their homes are being raided daily.

The public prosecutor rejected the appeal to release him and has renewed his detention. Hossam, in his letter to the party, announced that he had started a hunger strike yesterday.

This comes as another blow to the party by the deep state and the security forces as a penalty for our stance against the behavior of the security forces, the protest law, and our members’ stance in the Constitution Committee against trying civilians before military courts. The ESDP vows to continue its struggle to defend its values and calls on all the democratic forces to show solidarity with Hossam and the other members of the Party.

To view the full statement: hossam_hassan_assyut.pdf

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