ESDP official statement concerning the situation in Egypt


Dr. Mohamed Aboulghar, the Chairman of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party (ESDP) , held a meeting with the diplomatic representatives of France, the Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the EU to discuss the current events in Egypt and the Party’s position.


The ESDP expresses its appreciation and  pride of the  Egyptian people who peace fully revolted against the Muslim  brotherhood–ruling regime that insisted on inciting violence in response to the demonstrations demanding a vote of no confidence and early presidentialel ections. Today, the chief justice of the Supreme Constitutional Court was sworn in as an interim president. The no- military presence during the ceremony has been in agreement with the July 2nd announcement of the Armed forces.


We greatly appreciate the swift release of the detained media workers who were arrested last night. We publicly demanded their release in accordance with our belief in freedom of expression.


The ESDP strongly condemn an arbitrary arrest of political figures without a prior proof of violation of law. An all-inclusive dialogue is mandatory for the process of democratization to continue in Egypt.


In this respect, the ESDP suggests that all political forces should engage in preparing a roadmap to form a technocratic government with an impartial Prime Minister of an economic background, modify the disputed articles in the constitution, arrange for early presidential elections, and parliamentary elections. The transitional period should not last for more than a year.


Hussein Gohar


International Secretary


Egyptian Social Democratic Party (ESDP) 


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