'Give me the mandate to face violence', Egyptian Minister of defence Sisi said.

On July 24 the Egyptian First Deput Prime Minister and Minister of Defence General Abdel Fatah al-Sissi called on Egyptians for mass rallies on Friday Juli 26, to support the military efforts towards confronting terrorism and violence and to show support of what’s happening in the country. “Egyptians must take to the streets on Friday to give me the mandate to face violence and terrorism,” Sisi said.

The speech followed a deadly bombing of a security headquarter in the city Mansoura, in which one died and 27 officers and civilians were injured.

The association of Muslim Scholars, led by cleric Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, has issued a fatwa, urging Egyptians to ignore the call and prohibiting Egyptians from responding to any calls that might lead to civil war. It urged ‘all Egyptians, people, parties, army and police, to preserve their country’s security and prevent all that could lead to a civil war in which all sides will be losers.’ Qaradawi is seen as a spiritual guide to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Egyptian army has declared a state of alert, after the speech of al-Sisi, with extra troops deployed in all provinces and especially greater Cairo and the surrounding areas, where most demonstrators are expected.
Thousands of Morsi supporters have demonstrated for the restoration of president Morsi. These demonstrators sometimes clashed violently with anti-Morsi demonstrators.

‘Civil war’
Islamist in Egypt branded the statement made by al-Sisi a call for civil war and are inclined to organize their own mass protests on Friday to demand the reinstatement of ousted president Mohammed Morsi.

Meanwhile, Egypt’s public prosecutor has ordered the arrest of Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie and eight senior members of the Islamist movement on July 24.
As a reaction to the ‘fluid situation’ in Egypt, the United States has decided to delay the delivery of four F16 fighter jets. Under the US law, military aid to a counry that underwent a coup d´etat must be suspended. The US has long been reluctant of identifying the ousting of former president Morsi by the army as a coup.

Sources: Al Arabiya, Al Jazeera, Reuters, Financial Times


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