Kyrgyz government falls

The Ata-Meken (Fatherland) party announced, on 18 March, its withdrawal from the Kyrgyz government coalition, which means the government, will be dissolved. Ata-Meken party leader Omurbek Tekebayev said the withdrawal was the result of a parliamentary inquiry into the State Directorate for Reconstruction of Osh and Jalal-Abad Cities, which was headed by Prime Minister Jantoro Satybaldiyev. The ministers will remain at their posts until a new government is formed.

Ata-Meken has been part of the ruling coalition since September 2012. The ruling coalition included the Social Democratic Party of Kyrgyzstan (SDPK) of President Amazbek Atambayev, the socialist Ata-Meken party and the Ar-Namys (Dignity) party.

The State Directorate for Reconstruction of Osh and Jala-Abad

In the aftermath of the ousting of former Kyrgyz president Kurmanbek Bakiyev, on 7 April 2010, ethnic violence between Kyrgyz and Uzbeks devastated the south of the country. The violence reached a pinnacle on 10 June, in total 420 people got killed. The uproar was especially destructive in the cities Osh and Jala-Abad. A special reconstruction fund was created for the reconstruction of the region, the State Directorate for Reconstruction of Osh and Jala-Abad cities.

The directorate was headed by Vice Prime Minister Jantoro Satybaldyev. In 2012 Satybaldyev became prime minister of Kyrgyzstan. In February 2014 a parliamentary commission presented its results of an inquiry into the directorate’s activities. Some members of parliament were unsatisfied by the directorate’s results and asked the General Prosecutors office to start a formal inquiry into corruption and mismanagement.   

Pending the inquiry, Ata-Meken party stated Prime Minister Satybaldiyev no longer had the moral and political right to continue serving as Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan. By withdrawing from the government, Ata-Meken ended the term of Satybaldyev.

Prime Minister Satybaldiyev has also been held responsible by Ata Meken for the premature release of a major crime boss who subsequently fled the country, and the inability of securing a better share of the Kumtor gold-mining project earnings.    

A new government

Kyrgyz President Atambayev will asked the parliament to form a new majority coalition, the forth since the 2011 parliamentary elections. A member of parliament for the nationalist opposition party Respublika, Kurmanbek Dyikanbayev, said his party wants to join the new coalition. “We are ready to join the new coalition, and will probably nominate Omurbek Babanov (leader of Respublika) for Prime Minister”.

Kyrgyz political analyst, Igor Shestakov, believes the current Speaker of Parliament, Asylbek Jeenbekov, will become the next prime minister. He stated “The President adheres to the North-South approach, he needs the support from the key figure of Prime Minister, to have influence in the South of Kyrgyzstan.” By adhering to a north/south policy, analysts believe uproars as in June 2010 can be avoided.

Sources: Times of Central Asia, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Ata Meken.

Author: Koen Migchelbrink

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