Muslim Brotherhood leader and 13 members to receive death sentence

On the 16th of March, Muslim Brotherhood leader, Mohammed Badie, and thirteen other members of the Muslim Brotherhood have been sentenced to death during a trial that is publicly known as the ‘’Raba Operations Room’’. Mohammed Badie and the other members were found guilty of planning attacks against the state. They were accused of setting up an ‘’operations room’’ to prepare attacks against the state following the ousting of President Mohammed Morsi in 2013.

Grand Mufti

Badie has been sentenced to death in earlier trials, although the sentences were later reduced to life imprisonment. This time, the Cairo court referred the case to the Grand Mufti, the governments first and primary source of religious authority – and responsible for reviewing all death sentences in Egypt. His opinion is not binding, as the court will have the final say in the case. The Cairo court will announce the final verdict in the case on April 11.

Defence lawyer Ahmad Helmi said the verdicts were ‘’farcical’’, as they were handed down even though the defense had not been able to finish its closing arguments concerning the last five of the defendants.

The Muslim Brotherhood

The government of Egypt has declared the Muslim Brotherhood being a terrorist group in 2013. Hundreds of people have been sentenced to death over the violence. They have carried out its first execution earlier this month. Thousands have also been jailed, often trough speedy mass trials that have sparked international outcry over the fairness in such trials.

A court in the northern city of Mansura has also sentenced eight Muslim Brothers to death. This case has too been brought to the Grand Mufti. The court will give a final verdict on June 22.

By Elske Idzenga

Bronnen: BBC, Daily News Egypt, AFP

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