No early elections (for now) in Serbia after a turbulent government reshuffle

Despite ousting the Finance Minister Mlađan Dinkić and his United Regions of Serbia (URS) from the ruling coalition, no early elections will be held in Serbia. According to the main opposition Democratic Party (DS), that has called for early elections, the government reshuffle is a farce through which the government tries to distract attention from its catastrophic results.

Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) Aleksandar Vučić said in a statement that most members of SNS Presidency preferred early election. "I asked them, however, to accept not to push for an election just now because of the country's stability and they accepted," Vučić stated. He added that important contracts and jobs lay ahead, so instability would not have resulted in anything good. Turbulent government reshuffle is a consequence of yesterdays proposal of Prime Minister and leader of the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) Ivica Dačić to oust Dinkić and his URS. According to the PM, Dinkić wanted to become a deputy PM for investments and create a new ‘super-ministry’ – by combining departments of other ministries – which he would  lead. In a first reaction Dinkić described the government as ‘weird’  and said that this reshuffle is just a start of a process that will lead to ousting of PM Dačić.   

SNS, the main party in the ruling coalition and its leader Vučić have seen an increased support in the opinion polls after coming to power in May 2012, mainly due to a perceived success in fight against corruption.  Analysts argue that it would be in their interest to hold early elections and strengthen their position. On previous occasions Vučić has stated not to be afraid of early election.

Sources: B92, Tanjug and BalkanInsight

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