November 12th: Conference on PCD: Making political choices!

On Tuesday the 12th of November, the European Network of Political Foundations (to which the Foundation Max van der Stoel is a member) organises a conference in Brussels about Policy Coherence for Development (PCD).

This conference will have the aim to broaden the discussion about PCD to several stakeholders, and besides institutional mechanisms for PCD also highlight the political will that is necessary to create PCD when it comes to making decisions that will effect developing countries.

The conference will be opened with a key note speech by Catherine Ray, cabinet member of Commissioner Piebalgs. In this conference PCD will be highlighted in two different panels. In the first panel PCD will be illustrated by means of the EU’s raw materials policy that has problematic implications for development. Although developing countries are often rich of natural resources, they seem to not fully benefit from this kind of wealth. In the panel, among them, MEP Judith Sargentini, and a representative of DG Trade (European Commission) will shed their light on this policy and implications for PCD.

In the second panel the institutional mechanisms safeguarding PCD will be set besides the importance of political will, in fixing incoherent policies or even better preventing them from coming into existence. In this panel the European level and also the member state level will be highlighted in fixing these problems. Besides a representative from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also ECDPM, CONCORD and the European Commission will take part in this debate.

For the official invitation please click here

You can register for the conference by sending an email to until the 7th of November.

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