Opposition leader Kosovo calls for elections as soon as possible

Ramush Haradinaj, head of the opposition Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK),  urged President Jahjaga to hold extraordinary elections as soon as possible. On Monday 10th, Haradinaj sent a letter to the president in which he asked to discuss this proposal with other parties. At this moment the government does not have a majority in parliament. Elections are necessary to get out of the current political deadlock, according to AAK. Kosovo’s government consists of the Democratic Party of Kosovo(PDK), the Alliance for a New Kosovo and some ethnic minority parties. Within PDK changes occurred, which caused the deadlock.

Coalition party PDK
In the last nine months PDK of Prime Minister Hashim Thaci faced internal difficulties. In June, Jakup Krasniqi, the speaker of parliament, left the party. He has criticized many processes undertaken by the government, especially concerning public money and assets. Krasniqi announced to form a new party. A lot of ministers were expected to join this party, which would divide the PDK. Former minister of transport, Limaj, did join. Within the PDK, he was the second most voted person in the last elections, right after the chairman. Head of the PDK, Grabovci, did not thought that Limajs exit would weaken the PDK, but it did. In October the resigned members formed a new party, which is, according to Krasniqi, necessary because the new structure of the PDK is “suppressing intellectuals with authority and ignorance.” After the establishment of this party support for the PDK declined.

Consequences for the government
The decline in support for coalition party PDK is visible in parliament: the coalition currently holds 55 seats out of 120. This means the government does not have the amount of support it needs to rule Kosovo. Because of this Haradinaj urged the president to organise new elections. Elections have to take place before the end of 2014, but the opposition insist to hold them as soon as possible. The president has not reacted on Haradinajs proposal yet.

Local election north Mitrovica
On February 23 local elections will be held in north Mitrovica again. Elections took place on November 3 but had to be repeated two weeks later, due to an attack on three polling stations. Krstimir Pantic was elected as the first Serb major. However, he turned the position down. He refused to sign a document which would make him official the major because it had the coat of arms of Kosovo on it. This sign suggests that Kosovo is a republic and by signing the document Pantic would violate the constitution of Serbia. Because of Pantics refusal new elections have been scheduled. The outcome of this election is crucial for the establishment of the Association of Serb Municipalities. The goal of this association is to normalise relations between Serbia en Kosovo.

By Laura Ritter

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