Report on the assessment visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina

In the light of an assessment visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina we organized before the summer break we present you the final report. This visit is part of the European Forum, FEPS and Karl-Renner-Institute project “Enhancing democracy pre and post EU accession”. 
Among others we conclude: “The question remains if it is possible to move forward and improve the functionality of the state and democratic output without fundamental changes, such as changing the constitution? Some experts we talked to argued that almost all problems in Bosnia and Herzegovina are a consequence of the constitutional setup. However, some concrete steps can be taken, such as forwarding more responsibilities to BiH politicians. Local ownership, namely, will make local politicians accountable and they will not be able to point with the finger towards the international actors when things go wrong. At the same time the international actors need a more robust approach towards BiH. Resources are scarce and the economy is held together by EU money and remittances. EU conditionality should get some results in BiH too, as it did in the neighbouring countries.

Full report feps_efds_report_bih.pdf

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