Second Future Leaders Training held in Tunisia

From 6 to 8 September the European Forum, in cooperation with the Foundation Max van der Stoel (FMS), the UK Labour Party and the Ettakatol party organized the second seminar of the Future Leaders Training. The young and promising future politicians came from social democratic and left progressive parties from Morocco, the Palestinian Territories, Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan.

The seminar was held in Tunis (Tunis) and focused on media and communication skills. Trainer Souad Haouli (FMS) discussed the political situation with the participants, so that all the participants got familiar with their neighbors’ situations. Furthermore, she discussed some essential leadership skills and did a workshop on debating with the group. John Stolliday (UK Labour) and Huw Price (UK Labour) went into media strategy and communication skills, worked with the participants on communicating a central message and developing an online media plan, and finished the seminar by a workshop on doing a one-minute speech.

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The group worked with a lot of energy and enthusiasm in the workshops. The participants shared ideas, challenges and exchanged experiences. Already after the first seminar, the participants have created a Facebook group so that they can stay in touch with each other. The topics of the third and final seminar will be negotiating and regional cooperation.

This project was first initiated in the Western Balkans under the name ‘Course for Promising Politicians’ (CPP) and later the course was implemented in Eastern Europe. A group of young and promising politicians meets three times each year, each time in a different country in the region. The first seminar focuses on ideology and policy, the second on media and communication skills and the third on regional cooperation and negotiating skills. In light of the positive evaluations of the courses in the Western Balkans and in Eastern Europe, the idea was born to start up a similar course called Future Leaders Training in the MENA region. The program is organized in a way that theory is followed by practical sessions in which groups are formed with participants from different countries. In this way contacts are made to establish a network of politically active persons to exchange knowledge from different countries in the region.

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