Unrest in Bosnia: government buildings set on fire

Protesters of workers laid off when state-owned companies that were sold off collapsed under private ownership have been joined today by thousands of jobless people and youths and demobilised soldiers in towns in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) to protest against corruption and the economic and political situation in the country. The wave of demonstrations has already been dubbed ‘Bosnian Spring’, but analysts disagree over how they will develop and what might be their impact. Government buildings, among them the Presidency, have been stormed and set on fire. It is not a surprise that widespread public dissatisfaction and low trust among citizens in politics, politicians, and an ineffective political apparatus has led to protests in BiH. The pace of developments and the spin off to all major cities in the country has not been predicted. More than 130 people, including 104 police officers, were injured yesterday, while today at least 50 people got injured in Sarajevo only.

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