Update Egypt: arrest Brotherhood leader ordered; El-Beblawi interim PM

On 10 July public prosecutor has ordered the arrest of Mohamed Badie, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood movement. He is accused of inciting the violence during a protest in Cairo that left at least 51 people killed. Other high level Brotherhood officials are already in detention while hundreds arrest warrants for other officials have been issued. The prosecutor’s order comes after violent clashes, and attempts by the newly named prime minster to form a government. On 9 July, namely, Egypt's interim head of state, Adli Mansour, named 76-year old economist and academic Hazem el Beblawi as interim prime minister. In 2011 el Beblawi was appointed deputy prime minister for economic affairs and finance minister in a cabinet reshuffle, after the removal of former president Mubarak. Mohamed el Baradei, who headed the National Salvation Front (NSF) until Morsi was deposed, was named as deputy president.

Transition plan to be revised
After el Beblawi was named, NSF – main coalition that supported the ouster of former President Moris – denounced his proposed transition plan that envisages, among others, rewriting of the constitution, holding of a referendum on that constitution within four months and parliamentary elections within six months. NSF will propose amendments to the plan. The Tamarod (rebel) campaign, which organized the mass protests calling for Morsi to step down, said it had not been consulted on the transition plan and would propose changes. The Brotherhood stated it will not join the new cabinet but continue the protests, demanding release and return to office or Morsi. According to BBC correspondent in Cairo, Jim Muir, clearing out on the Brotherhood protests would certainly involve further bloodshed. There is a feeling among Brotherhood protesters that time of Mubarak has returned, time that they were banned and hunted down, according to Muir.

Sources: BBC, Deutsche Welle, Volkskrant

Photo: World Bank Photo Collection on Flickr

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