Europese commissie presenteert voorstel herziening ISDS

Goed nieuws voor TTIP - (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) critici: de Europese Commissie (EC) heeft een voorstel gepresenteerd om investeringsbescherming in het handels- en investeringsverdrag tussen de Verenigde Staten (VS) en de Europese Unie (EU) – (het zogenaamde TTIP- verdrag) - te verbeteren. Een investeringshof zou in de toekomst de ISDS-clausule kunnen vervangen.

UPDATE: geplande verkiezingen Burkina Faso onder zware druk na coup

De democratische opmars in het West-Afrikaanse Burkina Faso lijkt tot een abrupt einde te zijn gekomen op 16 september jl., toen soldaten van het Resident voor Presidentiële Veiligheid (RSP) de gehele interim-regering gijzelden. Ondertussen zijn president Michel Kafando en premier Isaac Zida vrijgelaten en vindt er bemiddeling plaats door onder anderen Senegal en Benin. Vooralsnog is het echter onwaarschijnlijk dat de coup op korte termijn zal worden teruggedraaid. Wat betekent dit voor de situatie in Burkina Faso?

Afrikadag 2015 in het teken van ''nieuwe spelers'' in Afrika

De Afrikadag van 2015, gehouden op zaterdag 7 november in het KIT in Amsterdam, staat in het teken van de invloed van nieuwe spelers op het Afrikaanse continent. Bij deze ‘’nieuwe spelers’’ zal men in de eerste plaats denken aan China. Maar op de achtergrond tonen ook landen als India, Turkije en Brazilië steeds meer interesse in Afrika in de vorm van investeringen en politiek. Daarnaast wordt het bedrijfsleven steeds actiever in Afrika en geldstromen van de diaspora in Europa zijn al groter dan het Europese ontwikkelingsbudget. Wat betekent dit voor ons huidige ontwikkelingsbeleid en de ‘’voorzichtig’’ opgebouwde democratieën in landen als Zuid-Afrika, Zambia en Tanzania?

UPDATE: PM resigns Cabinet, Egyptian Minister of Agriculture arrested on suspicion of corruption.

UPDATE September 14th
On September 12th Egyptian Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab submitted the resignation of his Cabinet to President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, despite earlier claims by Cabinet spokespersons that there would be no Cabinet Reshuffle. Al-Sisi has asked the Cabinet to continue in a “caretaker role” until a new administration is formed, while he has asked Oil Minister Sherif Ismail to form a new Cabinet. The reason for the resignation is still unclear, although concerns over wide spread corruption and the mismanagement of several Ministries have been prevalent. Oil minister Ismael is seen as one of the best performing Ministers.

Fraud and pressure on independent observers during Russia’s regional elections

On Sunday September 13th nationwide regional elections were held in Russia in 84 of the 85 regions of the country, including the disputed region of Crimea. More than 189.000 candidates were eligible for election by 59 million voters in 10,700 different elections and 70 referendums were held in 10 regions. In 21 regions Governors were elected. The Kostroma region was the only region where an opposition party openly critical of the Kremlin, the People’s Freedom Party (Parnas), participated in the elections. Preliminary results show that Vladimir Putin’s party United Russia won the elections. Independent watchdogs registered multiple violations during the elections, including fraud and pressure on independent observers.

Tajik president accuses fugitive deputy defence minister of attacks that killed 22.

After two attacks on Friday September 4th that left a reported 22 people dead in the Tajik capital Dushanbe and the nearby town Vahdat, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has now confirmed that former Deputity Defence Minister Abduhalim Nazarzoda was involved in the attacks. He has been charged with sabotage, terrorism, treason and the organization of an extremist community. Nazarzoda and “as many as 130” of his supporters fled to the mountainous Ramit Gorge, where a special investigation group of officers of the National Security State Committee (NSSC), the Interior Ministry and the Prosecutor General’s office have started an operation to detain them. According to Tajikistan’s President Emomali Rahmon they are “evil terrorists” who are “pursuing the same goals as IS” and want to “undermine his rule”.

Lebanon's waste crisis continues amids plans for national dialogue

For two months now, garbage in the streets of Lebanon has not been collected, resulting in massive piles alongside roads and the illegal dumping of garbage in the Mount Lebanon area by frustrated civilians. For many citizens this waste crisis has become symbolic for what they call an “incompetent and corrupt” government. This let them to the formation of the “You Stink” protest campaign which has organized several protests during the last couple of months. Meanwhile, different political parties have agreed to join speaker of parliament Nabih Berri on 9 September for a “national dialogue”.

Tens of thousands protest in Moldavian capital Chisinau

Sunday an estimated 60.000 protesters gathered on the central square in the Moldovan capital Chisinau to call for the resignation of president Nicolae Timofti and for new elections to be held, after a major bank fraud further derogated Moldova’s already struggling economy last year. One billion dollar, equivalent to roughly 1/8th of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP), disappeared from three banks in November 2014, leading to steep inflation, the depreciation of the national currency, Leu, and a lowering of the living standards of the population. Protesters, shouting “bring the billion back home” and “down with the mafia”, further demanded the resignation of officials at Moldova’s central bank and the attorney general’s office. Moldovans form all over the country and from different political backgrounds came together at the six hour long protest, while up to 40 tents had been erected early Monday morning as a base for some of the protesters who pledged to stay until their demands are met.

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