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Fair Politics onderzoeker Linde Kee van Stokkum doet onderzoek in Kaapverdië. Zij onderzoekt de effecten van het Mobiliteitspartnerschap dat Nederland is aangegaan met Kaapverdië. Vier weken lang dompelt ze zich onder in de wereld van migratie en ontwikkeling. Volg haar hier!

Updated: Ceasefire in Ukraine agreed in Minsk

After more than 13 hours of negotiation, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, and Russian President Vladimir Putin have agreed on the Minsk Peace Agreement consisting of 13 points. Angela Merkel states that Poroshenko ‘’did his utmost to stop the bloodshed,’’ that has been going on in his country. Putin apparently exerted pressure on the separatists to agree with the ceasefire that will take into place on the 15th of February at 0.00h. Also, a $17,5 billion facility has been agreed between the International Monetary Fund and Ukraine.

Het grote PvdA Midden-Oosten debat

Op 28 maart organiseert de PvdA in samenwerking met de FMS een groot Midden-Oosten debat in de Nieuwe Buitensociëteit in Zwolle. Via het volgende nummer kunt u zich aanmelden voor dit debat: 020-5512155. In het menu kiest u voor 3, de code voor dit evenement is 5889. Mocht dit niet lukken, dan kunt u mailen naar U hoeft geen PvdA-lid te zijn om u aan te melden.

Macedonian PM accused of massive wire-tapping

Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski of the conservative nationalist VMRO DPMNE and the country’s secret police chief have been accused of ordering a massive wire-tapping on more than 20,000 people by opposition leader Zoran Zaev (Social Democratic Union, SDSM). Zaev claimed he can support this accusation with tons of material which are in his possession. According to Zaev, the Prime Minister has continually received daily reports on his political opponents by the secret services. The opposition has released some audio materials and transcripts that consist of phone conversations between Zaev and his fellow colleagues, and even a phone call with his young daughter.

Will Putin survive Ukraine?

Putin’s position is anything but self-evident. On December 4th, 2011, the Duma election was a severe loss for Vladimir Putin and his party ‘United Russia’. The party’s previous advantage of 64% now fell to a slight majority of 50%(1), and more than 30.000 protesters signed up for a protest on December 10th(2), that led to one of the largest protests in Moscow since the 1990s, aimed against ‘United Russia’ and Putin. It made quite clear that his leadership was vulnerable and it needed a boost.

Merkel & Hollande to present peace plans in Moscow, ceasefire in Debaltseve, Ukraine

The French president and German Chancellor have announced a surprise visit to Moscow on Friday February 6, hoping to achieve a deal that could put an end to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. As Hollande spoke of decisions of war and peace, suspicions have been raised that the Kremlin might attempt to split Europe and the US as the American Congress urges President Barack Obama to send military aid to Ukraine. The talks are set to start at 5 PM local time (2 PM GMT).

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