Who are the Commissioners designate? And how well prepared are they for their portfolio?

Who are the Commissioners designate? And how well prepared are they for their portfolio? We are about to find out during the public hearings in the European Parliament which will be taking place from September 30th until October 7th. During these hearings the Commissioners designate will be scrutinised by MEPs on their knowledge in relation to their portfolios and their stances with regard to important upcoming policy issues. In this article we will shortly examine the Commissioners designate who will be playing an important part in EU Foreign Affairs policy.

Thousands of Russians march against war

Sunday the 21st of September witnessed according to some the largest anti-Kremlin rally since the conflict in neighbouring Ukraine started in April of this year. Thousands of demonstrators gathered in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities to protest against what they say is a covert Russian war in eastern Ukraine. The marches coincided with the United Nations’ (UN) annual International Peace Day.

EU and Ukraine adopt Association Agreement, with concession to Russia

Yesterday on September 16 the European Parliament (EP), as well as the Verkhovna Rada – the Ukrainian Parliament, - ratified the European Union (EU)-Ukraine Association Agreement (AA). Last year this issue triggered the outbreak of a political crisis in Ukraine that led to the overthrow of then President Viktor Yanukovych, Russia’s annexation of the Crimea, and a war with pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine that has to date killed more than 2,600 people. As a concession to Moscow the AA’s trade rules will not enter into force on 1 November as originally planned, but will be delayed until 31 December 2015.

European sanctions against Russia enter into force

Today, on 12 September, a new wave of sanctions against Russia that the European Union (EU) agreed upon during a Council meeting on 8 September will enter into force. In light of the decisive role that Russia has played in intensifying the conflict in eastern Ukraine between the Ukrainian government and the pro-Russian, Kyiv-wary separatists, Brussels finds it necessary to impose additional sanctions on Moscow.

Movie night: "Age of Delirium", the collapse of the Soviet Union

On 21 September Blinibioscoop and Foundation Max van der Stoel are organising a screening of documentary film "Age of Delirium," which focusses on the fall of the Soviet Union, followed by a panel discussion. The film screening will begin at 15:00, the panel at 17:00, to be followed by the Bliniscoop traditional pancakes. Entrance fee is 5 Euros, and includes pancakes. The working language will be English.

Campagnetraining Tunesië

Afgelopen weekend (29-31 augustus) organiseerden wij in samenwerking met onze lokale partner Ettakatol een campagnetraining in Tunesië. De training vond plaats in Gabès (oostkust) voor het communicatieteam van Ettakatol en regionale campagnemanagers. Parlementsverkiezingen worden op 26 oktober gehouden en Ettakatol zit momenteel midden in de voorbereidingen. In januari organiseerden wij al een campagnetraining en in maart een mediatraining. Deze training diende om in de beginnende, maar inmiddels hete fase van de campagne, met Ettakatol leden te werken aan een aantal belangrijke campagneonderdelen.

Tensions escalate over Ukraine-Russia conflict as Russia opens new front in Ukraine

Yesterday Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko accused Russia of sending troops into Ukrainian territory and opening a new southern front in the Ukrainian army’s fight with pro-Russian separatists, capturing the strategic coastal town of Novoazovsk. The reports have been confirmed by NATO and the US, and other Western leaders also seem to have little doubt at this point of Russia’s military involvement in Ukraine.

Ceasefire ends fifty days of conflict between Israel and Hamas

A ceasefire agreement was eventually reached between Israeli and Palestinians on 26 August. Fifty days after the beginning of Israel’s “Protective Edge” military operation, the Cairo-brokered peace deal was welcomed by Gaza’s inhabitants who demonstrated in Gaza’s streets last night. However, it should not bring much improvement in comparison to the previous ceasefire negotiated in 2012.

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