Political Café: A new future for Ethiopia?

On Tuesday 27 November, FMS, FEPS and NIMD organized a Political Café in Pakhuis de Zwijger about the future for Ethiopia, but also about neighbouring country Eritrea. Since the appointment of the new prime minister Abiy Ahmed in April, many reforms have been implemented in Ethiopia. The country welcomed its first female head of state and the first female president of the federal supreme court. Furthermore, Ahmed and Eritrea’s President Isaias Afwerki signed a declaration of peace in July that formally ended two decades of hostility. Experts in the field of, or from, Ethiopia and Eritrea discussed the new situation in these countries. The moderator of the evening was Alberta Opoku, journalist and political scientist, leading the evening and challenging both the speakers and the public with her questions, furthering the dialogue.

Blogs from Ghana 4: Free Secondary High School

When talking about migration to people here in Ghana, education has always come up as one of the key issues in relation to this topic. Better education will provide better job opportunities to the youth and consequently reduce the number of potential migrants, is the line of reasoning.

Blogs from Ghana 3: Investment, but in the public or private sector?

FMS researcher Anne is in Ghana to talk about migration. Why do people want to migrate? How do they see their future? And what policy could be implemented to prevent irregular migration? Read her newest story here!

Time flies and I am already halfway through my month in Ghana. Last week I had my first real meetings with stakeholders in Accra. I asked them how they see the future of Ghana? Why do people want to migrate? And what role can or should the EU play regarding irregular migration from Ghana to Europe? They gave me some interesting insights.

Magazine 'Migration: African perspectives' is online!

Het is zover! Vandaag reist FMS-onderzoeker Anne voor het onderzoeksproject ‘Migration: African Perspectives’ van de FEPS en FMS naar Ghana om daar een maand lang onderzoek te doen naar de migratiemotieven van Afrikaanse jongeren. Welke rol speelt migratie in hun leven? Welk beleid kan worden gevoerd om jongeren meer perspectief te bieden in eigen land? En hoe zien deze jongeren hun toekomst voor zich, in Ghana of daarbuiten?

Discussing migration and social justice in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

On October 12 and 13, the Burkinabe party People’s Movement for Progress (MPP) invited members of the Progressive Alliance to Ouagadougou to discuss the topic of migration and social justice. FMS and FEPS are currently working on a study which aims to include African perspectives on migration in the European discussion on the topic. With more than 25 delegations represented during the seminar, of which many from African countries, it was a perfect occasion for us to learn more about the different African sentiments on this widely discussed issue.

Word jij een van onze nieuwe Afrikadag stagiair(e)s?

Ook komend jaar organiseert de Foundation Max van der Stoel (FMS) de Afrikadag (, een landelijke bijeenkomst over Afrika en internationale samenwerking. Met meer dan 1.000 bezoekers, 200 sprekers en zo'n 100 vrijwilligers is de Afrikadag hét grootste evenement op het gebied van Afrika en internationale samenwerking in Nederland.

De FMS zoekt twee stagiair(e)s voor de organisatie van de Afrikadag, die plaatsvindt op zaterdag 13 april 2019. Samen met de verantwoordelijke projectmedewerker werk je mee aan de inhoudelijke en organisatorische werkzaamheden voor de Afrikadag.

UNited for a different migration

It's UN week in New York City! That means: Heads of State and Heads of Government from almost all the countries in the world visit New York to join the General Assembly of the UN. This 73rd session of the General Assembly opened on the 18th of September and lasts until the 5th of October. Besides everything going on in the buildings of the UN itself, there are many side events in the city. Including the "UNited for a different migration" conference, organized by the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS), of which FMS is a member.

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