Belgrade Mayor Dragan Đilas dismissed

During a session of the City Hall deputies on the 24th of September Belgrade’s Mayor and leader of the Democratic Party (DS), Dragan Đilas, has been dismissed. Đilas shall continue performing the duty of the capital’s first official in the following thirty days while elections shall be held in six months. In a first reaction Đilas stated that his dismissal is a political deal, has nothing to do with what has been achieved in Belgrade in the last 5 years, and shows that the ruling parties on state level are moving the country towards a dictatorship and one-party system.

Verslag expertmeeting Europese uitbreiding met Radmila Sekerinska

Woensdagavond 18 september organiseerde de FMS in samenwerking met de Wiardi Beckman Stichting (WBS) een expertmeeting over de Europese uitbreiding, met hoofdspreker Radmila Sekerinska uit Macedonië. Sekerinska is Parlementariër in Macedonië, voorzitter van de parlementaire commissie voor EU integratie, vicevoorzitter van de Sociaal Democratische Unie (SDSM) en voormalig interim-premier van Macedonië.

No early elections (for now) in Serbia after a turbulent government reshuffle

Despite ousting the Finance Minister Mlađan Dinkić and his United Regions of Serbia (URS) from the ruling coalition, no early elections will be held in Serbia. According to the main opposition Democratic Party (DS), that has called for early elections, the government reshuffle is a farce through which the government tries to distract attention from its catastrophic results.

Bosnia criticized over conflict of interest law

On July 15, the state-level Parliament has decided to continue the approval of the amendments to the conflict of interest law in Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH). The move has been criticized by the International Community. According to the amendments, authority to investigate conflict of interests will be transferred from a Central Elections Commission (CEC) to a Parliament commission, a move that could open way for corruption.

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